Best Citrus Juicer 2023 – Top 8 Professional Juice Extractors

Do you miss the refreshing taste of orange juice during the scorching summer? You definitely need to get your hands on the Best Citrus Juicer 2023.

Do you have a weakness for margaritas? Are you a fan of mimosas? Since the response is certainly yes.

best citrus juicer 2022

You’re probably aware of how one easy move will greatly boost the total drink experience: Use citrus that has been freshly squeezed. But you would be wondering what is the best citrus juicer 2023 to buy?

The answer is straightforward; a professional citrus juicer is the one that will help you to extract the freshest juices. When you crave your favourite freshly made juice, there’s no need to rush to the nearest juice bar.

Juicing at home will save time & expense because there are so many choices for squeezing juices in your kitchen.

A citrus juicer is a useful addition to any kitchen, whether for extracting a jug of chiller lemonade on a warm summer day or for a breakfast boost of fresh orange juice.

Our Top Picks

Best Citrus Juicer 2023

1 Breville 800CPXL ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐
2Hurom CJ Citrus ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐
3Smeg CJF01BLUS ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐
4Focus Foodservice ⭐⭐⭐⭐
5Eurolux Die-Cast ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐
6Vinci Hands-Free ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐
7Zulay Extra Tall ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐
8Zulay Professional ⭐⭐⭐⭐

Best Citrus Juicer 2023 Reviews:

If you’re an inexperienced or a pro juicer, selecting the best citrus juicer for your requirements can be difficult. But our guide will help you limit down your options to the best citrus juicer 2023 in the market.

1 – Breville 800CPXL Citrus Press Pro  – Fastest Citrus Juicer

The Breville 800CPXL Citrus Press Pro has a wonderful design, and it also functions well. Moreover, you’ll be pleasantly surprised at how easy it is to make fresh orange juice. You will find it as the best range juicer as it is pro in it.

Best citrus juicer 2022

And we count it in the best citrus juicer 2023.

The Breville 800CPXL is crafted to combine two of the essential characteristics of any citrus juicer. For example, It can juice any citrus fruit of every size or type, and it cleans up quickly and easily.

Hence, It’s designed to be a commercial-grade appliance that can be used in the kitchen.


Juice Press Arm

This patented juicing handle has a special triple curved arm that ensures downward pressure during the juicing cycle, maximizing juice production.

Die-Cast Stainless Steel Juicing Cone

The cone’s special finned and undulating design generates the most juice from citrus fruits of all sizes.

Quadra Fin Juicing Cone

From limes to grapefruit, any citrus can be juiced with the Quadra-FinTM “juicing cone.” The fresh fruit juice is optimized by the finned and undulating cone.

Double Stage Switch System

Juicer has a two-stage switching system that will not work until it is properly assembled for efficiency and safety.

  • Easy to use.
  • Cleaning the juicer is a breeze.
  • Very fast.
  • You can choose if you want the pulp.
  • Expensive
  • The warranty is only for 1 year.
  • Heavy.

2 – Hurom CJ Citrus Juicer – Best Citrus Juicer 2023

The Hurom Citrus Juicer excels at squeezing the maximum juice from citrus fruits. The automatic operation is a very effective but strong motor, and minimal physical force is needed to operate it. It’s easy to see why it ranks among some of the best citrus Juicer 2023.

Hurom CJ the best citrus juicer 2022

The Hurom CJ Citrus Juicer is ideal for basic juicing tasks, such as juicing big oranges for breakfast or small limes for seltzer.

The finned juicing cone, which comes in one size meets all, will allow you to squeeze any citrus fruit by yourself and obtain a greater amount of juice while leaving the peel fully clear.


Drip-Free Juicing

The Hurom’s customizable juice spout is one of its most important features. It is straightforward to use and can be placed in either the upwards lock or downwards open position.

It functions as a stopcock when lifted, stopping juice from spilling out of the system while also stopping any residual juice drips.

Quality Construction

The Hurom Auto Citrus juicer has excellent build quality, with various high-quality materials such as sturdy plastics and stainless steel. The handle and reamer cone are made from plastic for convenience of use and convenience. Making them light and user-friendly.

The whole structure and pulp separator, however, are made of stainless steel.

Automatic Squeezing

When the handle is pushed down, the motor will act automatically, which imitates the motion of squeezing a citrus fruit by hand. You’ll want to juice nearly every day after such a convenient practice. It is one of the finest automatic citrus juicers.

Best Centrifugal Juicer 2023

  • Produces high-quality nutritional juices.
  • Affordable Machine.
  • Lightweight.
  • Attractive appearance.
  • Easy to use and clean.
  • Not very durable as compared to other juicers.
  • It only works on citrus fruits.

3 – Smeg CJF01BLUS Citrus Juicer  – Vintage Style Juicer

The Smeg Citrus Juicer is accessible in various retro colours: green, pink, pastel blue, cream, black, and red. The Smeg citrus juicer produces orange juice, lemon juice, lime juice, apple juice and grapefruit juice, specifically built for citrus fruits.

Best citrus juicer 2022 Smeg CJF

It works by pressing down on the reamer, which rotates counter-clockwise to squeeze the juice from your citrus fruit. The juicer stops working when you remove the pressure from the reamer.

The Smeg CJF01 has a simple basic design for washing and looking great on your kitchen counter.


Compact Design

Add a retro touch to your kitchen while saving counter space with this model’s 11 x 7 x 7-inch dimensions. It only weighs 5.64 pounds, making it easy to transport to any event.

Reliable Juicing

The SMEG CJF01 has a die-cast aluminium, powder-coated exterior for reliable juicing.  Additionally, it has a long-lasting design owing to its stainless steel squeezer. A chrome-plated inner ring and bowl and the stainless nozzle are also included in the package.

Sturdy Feet

Its Anti-slip feet keep the SMEG juicer securely in position as it operates.

Freshest Juice at Home

With this economical juicer from one of the most respected brands in kitchenware, you can finally enjoy all the perks of fresh juice perfectly at home.

  • Value for money.
  • Easy to clean.
  • Quite motor.
  • Anti-drip spout.
  • BPA free
  • Not suitable for small lemons.
  • Expensive.

4 – Focus Foodservice Jupiter – Lightest Citrus Juicer

Freshly squeezed fruit juice is possibly the best choice. The Focus Jupiter Juicer extracts your favourite fruits with comfort and convenience, so you can enjoy a delicious citrus juice, whether that’s a tall glass of orange juice or lime juice for a refreshing margarita.

Focus Food Service best orange juicer

It’s made of ultra-strong and durable cast iron with an acrylic finish that prevents citrus acids, pitting, and rust. Therefore,  it’s great for squeezing the maximum juice out of oranges, grapefruits, lemons, limes, pomegranates, and more.

Moreover, this stainless steel juicer press allows you to concentrate on what matters most. So indulge in the fresh cocktails made out of freshly squeezed juices.


Ergonomic Handle

The sure-grip rubber handles are simple to use and carry, and the soft rubber handle stop provides a silent pause.


Made of ultra-strong, robust cast iron with a perforated sieve made of 18-8 stainless steel.

Dishwasher Friendly

When you are done with squeezing your favourite citrus juice, you can easily put it know the dishwasher for safe and easy cleaning.

Produces Fresh Sweet Juices

Ideal for oranges, grapefruits, limes, lemons, and other citrus fruits. Additionally, this commercial citrus juicer can easily produce large amounts of the sweetest juice available, free of unpleasant citrus skin oils.

Best Juicer For Beginners 2023

  • Lightweight, only 10 pounds.
  • Perfect for squeezing limes and lemon.
  • Amazing paint quality.
  • Easy to clean.
  • Durable.
  • High price.
  • The funnel which holds the fruit is not big enough to hold a large grapefruit.

5 – Eurolux Die-Cast Electric Juicer – Most Powerful Juice

The Eurolux juicer is also on our best citrus juicer 2023 list. Because this citrus juicer is, without a doubt, one of the most demanded juicers on the market, additionally, it comes with a one-size-fits-all juicing cone, ideal for having a big batch of orange juice.

Eurolux Die Cast Stainless Steel Electric Citrus Juicer

The cone, which comes with a powerful 160-watt motor, extracts the most juice from any size citrus fruit.

It’s a perfect choice for automatic citrus juicers because it’s so simple to use. Suction cups are also included with this machine. Eurolux juicers are great for extending the life of your juicer by avoiding surface denting and maintaining a stable grip on a surface.

However, the fact that some pieces are detachable is the most important of all of its functions.


Powerful Citrus Press

The Citrus Press is a powerful 300 watts industrial-grade motorized citrus press. Additionally, with an easy one-handed juice squeezing arm.

Requires Minimum Efforts

Soft Grip Non-Slip Handle Reduces Hand Stress and Requires Minimal Effort to squeeze the juice out of your citrus fruit.


Die-Cast Construction of High Quality, with a Stainless Steel Body and 2 Filters for Significant period of time and Durability.

No-Drip, Spout Lock Function

For the beginning, precisely press the handle; to end, immediately release pressure; to prevent the juice from leaking, switch up the spot.

Best Breville Juicer 2023

  • Stainless steel body.
  • 160-watt motor.
  • Detachable parts for easy cleaning.
  • Suction cups.
  • Heated when used continuously.
  • Can not make a huge batch at a time.

6 – Vinci Hands-Free Juicer – Hassle Free Juicer

The Vinci Hands-Free Electric Citrus Juicer is the market’s most efficient and flexible citrus juicer. All you have to do is cut the citrus fruit in half. Then put the fruit on the squeezer, and push the juice button with the patented “Automatic Juicing” system.

Vinci Hands-Free Electric Citrus Juicer

Automatically the juicing reamer lifts and squeezes the freshest juice in just about 10 seconds. Thus, the best electric citrus juicer eliminated the requirement to hold or manually squeeze the fruit.

Pressure-sensitive juicing innovation detects the density of the rind automatically, ensuring you always get the best juice but without bitter flavours that can be added when the reamer scrubs the rind on other juicers.


Hand-Free Juicing

Juicing citrus fruits is now practically Seemless and with Minimal mess! Halve the fruit, place it on the reamer, and press the juice button; the juicer will handle the rest.


This small electric citrus juicer can squeeze key limes to 4.5-inch grapefruit, juice all types of citrus.  Later, citrus juice can be used in drinks, sauces, desserts, marinades, and even cocktails.

Easy to Use and Clean

A one-year success guarantee backs a 30-day satisfaction guarantee. Hence, this home orange juice machine can squeeze juices, and the detachable parts can be removed and can be put in the dishwasher.


Vinci Hands-Free Citrus Juicer is lightweight and simple to place on the counter or in the kitchen, measuring 8.5″L x 7″W x 12.5″H and weighing 4.31 lbs.

You can also check Best Juicer 2023

  • Handfree juicing.
  • Parts are dishwasher safe.
  • 12oz juice reservoir.
  • Interchangeable pulp filter.
  • High torque motor.
  • Not made for high volume.
  • The lid latch is a weak part.

 7 – Zulay Extra Tall Orange Juicer  – Tallest Citrus Juicer

Zulay extra tall orange juicer is a commercial citrus juicer crafted to last longer and suit you best. In addition, this high-quality manual citrus juicer has a wider non-slip base that provides excellent stability and support.

Zulay Extra Tall Orange Juicer - Manual Orange Juice Squeezer

Moreover, it has a 5-inch diameter cup that makes things simpler. It also has a strong and stable crusher, which makes it simpler and easier to operate.

Aside from that, it has an ergonomic handle that allows it a pleasure to use while juicing. The versatile juicer works well with various citrus fruits, including limes, lemons, and oranges.


Tall Tumbler to Directly Fill the Glasses

A 32 oz or 30 oz tumbler can be placed underneath the professional standard extra tall, powerful juicer squeezer to collect the juice directly.  Hence, get the most juice out of oranges, lemons, limes, grapefruits.

Pull the convenient tight grip handle downward to juice citrus quickly and easily while keeping your hands clean.

Commercial Grade Hand Press Juicer

Made of robust, heavy-duty cast iron with an ergonomic design.  And the citrus juicer saves time and effort by using leverage and gravity. Lever operation does most of the job for you.

Clean in Seconds

Wipe clean in moments. Thus allowing you to spend more time juicing and less time cleaning. Stainless steel strainer cup and detachable pieces are Dishwasher-safe.

Best Cold Press Juicer 2023

  • Sleek ergonomic design.
  • Wide, nonslip base.
  • Heavy cast iron juicer.
  • Supports dishwasher.
  • Sturdy and durable.
  • It’s expensive.
  • Only for citrus fruits.

8 – Zulay Professional Citrus Juicer  – Most Diverse Juicer

The Zulay professional citrus juicer has an easy-to-use lever that extracts the juice from citrus fruits in a couple of seconds. If it seems that you’d have to apply a great deal of pressure to use it, this isn’t the case.

Zulay Professional Citrus Juicer - Manual Citrus Press and Orange Squeezer

In fact, the sturdy cast-iron construction helps the users. You could use it even if you need to serve many guests in a row since it requires minimal effort.

Aside from that, cleaning this manual citrus juicer isn’t difficult.  It means You can clean it in your sink or just put it in the dishwasher kudos to the reversible cup style.


Extracts the Maximum Amount of Juice

The most powerful juicer of professional quality. Makes the most juice out of oranges, lemons, limes, grapefruits. Pull the convenient firm grip handle down to juice citrus quickly and easily while keeping your hands dry.

Diverse Juicer

The 5 inches diameter cup enables us to use it with various fruit styles and sizes, including all grapefruit sizes.

Safe and Durable

Made with rubber toes, this heavy cast iron citrus juicer remains securely in place to help prevent slipping, tipping and dropping.

Best Juicer For Celery 2023

  • Easy to clean because of the detachable cup.
  • Quickly squeeze out lemons and limes.
  • Made of durable cast iron.
  • Stays on the place because of rubber feet.
  • Not ideal for pomegranates.
  • Only for citrus fruits.

Comprehensive Buying Guide:

Here is a brief buying guide to help you get the best citrus juicer 2023.

Types of Citrus Juicer

What kind of juicers do you buy depends entirely on your preferences. Many people prefer manual machines, while others take more interest in motor-driven machines.

Therefore you must make a smart product selection based on the product’s value and your requirements. It totally depends on the preferences of different people as to what they are looking for in their best citrus juicer 2023.

Easy to Use

It should go without mentioning, but you’ll definitely want to get a citrus juicer that’s solely for citrus fruits. Multifunctional juicers are not capable of extracting much juice from these pulpy fruits. But Citrus juicers squeeze the most juice with the least amount of chunks.

Motor Power

Low-power motors themselves cause plenty of issues as they heat up quickly and can cause delays in performance. As a result, we will suggest that you buy a high-power motor. So that juicing is not challenging, and the process is pleasant.

Easy Cleaning

Since you’re purchasing a citrus juicer, chances are you’ll use it daily.  Therefore, search for anything simple to clean and maintain.

Quality of the Best Citrus Juicer 2023

The consistency of the material used is an important consideration. Therefore, some companies produce goods that are of low-quality materials that are harmful to one’s health.  But, many of the juicers are made by companies that don’t cut corners for their consumers’ well-being.


You must select items that are both durable and long-lasting. You may use the reviews of past customers who have used the items as a guide because the product you should buy should be long-lasting enough to spend some time in your kitchen.

Frequently Asked Questions ( FAQs )

Which is the best citrus juicer?

The Hurom CJ Citrus Juicer is best for basic juicing tasks, such as juicing big oranges or small lemons or limes for cocktails and lemonades.

Is a citrus juicer worth it?

Citrus juicers are perfect for large quantities of lemonade or freshly squeezed orange juice, but they’re inefficient for dishes that only need one or two lemons or limes.

Which juicer retains the most nutrients?

Slow masticating juicers hold more nutrition, according to the average of juicing experts.

Final verdict

I hope that this guide will assist you in making the best citrus juicer 2023 decision. However, if you really want to restrict down your list, I’d like to suggest one citrus juicer that has been my go-to for juicing citrus fruits for years.

In the end, I suggest the Hurom CJ Citrus Juicer because of its ease of use, easy cleanup, and small size. After all, if your citrus juicer is small enough to sit on your counters rather than in a cabinet, you’ll appreciate it even more; use it more. Hence, I will definitely recommend you to use Hurom CJ citrus juicer.

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