Fresh Orange Juice? Wonderful Recipes for Refreshing Homemade Juice

Oranges are a popular holiday food gift, and they’re a welcome dose of happiness for anyone approaching the winter months. Fresh Orange Juice straight from your kitchen is a delicious treat.

The real kind is delicious, sweet, and rich in Vitamin C. Moreover, it’s a vast distance from what is sold in the name of orange juice at the supermarket.

Fresh orange juice

Of course, fresh oranges are delicious, but drinking them straight as fresh orange juice is an excellent method to obtain the most benefits. Every sip contains vitamin C, vitamin A, and a small amount of fiber.

Additionally, you can make plenty of healthy dishes with oranges and juices like homemade marmalade, salads, punches, orange beef, etc.

Orange juice has recently been fortified with calcium, making it a potentially significant source of calcium for children and young adults who may not consume dairy. Because vitamin D is a fat-soluble vitamin, it was previously assumed that only fat-containing drinks could be fortified with it.

How much Juice in One Orange?

One orange contains 4 to 5 spoons of juice or 1/4 to 1/3 cup. Therefore, three oranges are required to make one cup of fresh orange juice. It’s worth noting that this figure is for regular oranges.

how to make orange juice with a blender

Valencia orange, navel oranges, mandarin oranges, and blood oranges all generate varying amounts of juice.

Diabetes Juicing

Juicing isn’t the best option for people with diabetes.  She says that persons with type 1 and type 2 diabetes must monitor their blood glucose levels not just during the day but also at specific times throughout the day.

At the same time, juices might be healthy if you stick to nonstarchy or low-carbohydrate veggies and avoid diabetes-friendly foods.  Carbohydrates are risky for patients with diabetes because they are broken down into sugar in the body, causing sugar levels to spike. In addition, effective management of diabetes necessitates blood sugar levels.

Fresh orange juice is an excellent cold remedy. It’s high in vitamin C and has been shown to reduce the severity of colds in certain studies.

Roll the orange under the palms of your hand while pressing hard enough on the kitchen countertop before cutting it. Then, cut It – In almost all cases, all you have to do is cut the fruit in halves.  In this scenario, a wedge is an ideal option.

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Why Do I Need To Juice Oranges?

Juices are featured prominently on my Instagram page, and many of my readers are concerned because they lack fiber and cause you to consume too much sugar.

Although having fruits rather than juicing them is indeed better, It’s also a fact that several users find it challenging to incorporate raw fruit into their diet, so juice might help them obtain the nutrients they need.

homemade orange juice recipe

Furthermore, though many people struggle with weight gain, there is no denying that many people work with underweight concerns. Fresh orange juice is a healthy method to get enough minerals and calories.

How To Make Fresh Orange Juice With a Blender

What if you don’t have a citrus juicer? No issue; orange juice can also be made in a blender. As a consequence, juicing oranges in a blender is healthier than juicing oranges in a citrus juicer. Because I use both, I can tell you that you can get a lot of fiber and pulpy juice if you utilize the procedure following. We’re combining some fibers as well!

recipes with oranges

It’s a simple procedure. This method is nutritious, quick, and tasty. You can juice oranges guilt-free without losing the thread. If you do not like to spend money on a juicer, you can prepare juices in a blender.

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All you need is a blender (I use my ninja blender, which I love!!! ), a nut milk bag. You can also use a muslin or a napkin and a container.

Step 1

Peeling oranges is the first step in making juice. Try to get rid of as many whites as possible. The bitterness comes from the white layer.

Step 2

Slice the sides of the oranges while leaving the center whole. This is comparable to how an apple is cored. Remove the seeds from the sides of the orange. The majority have been removed from the center, although some would be visible from the sides.

Step 3

Then press the oranges’ centers between your palms to extract the juice. (Conversely, place all of the centers in a muslin cloth and squeeze the juice from each one separately.) Add this juice to the blender as well.

Step 4

For a smooth juice, blend for two min at intervals. You may need to add very little water to keep the motor fruits working if your orange is particularly fibrous.

Step 5

It would be best if you used your professional judgment at this stage. Take a sip of the juice. I didn’t need to add any water because my oranges were so juicy. They weren’t highly fibrous, so I just drank the juice straight. You can add water if your juice is very pulpy or thick.

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How To Juice Oranges With an Electric Juicer

There are numerous electric juicers on the market. A handful of them are either citrus-specific or contain a citrus-juicing accessory. The reamer is rotating or vibrated by an electric motor in either choice, but the design is essentially just like any other citrus juicer.

Using an electrical juicer for oranges has benefits and drawbacks, and it is a matter of personal preference.

best orange juicer

It may be an excellent option if you want a multipurpose juicer that can juice a variety of fruits and vegetables as well as oranges. Also, if you have any physical limitations that prevent you from using a manual alternative, this is your best alternative.

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Here is a step by step process for making orange juice in a juicer,

Step 1

Peel the oranges and cut them into quarters. More miniature oranges, such as mandarins, may only require halving.

Step 2

Discard any visible seeds from each orange before cutting them into chunks small enough to fit through the juicer tube.

Step 3

To obtain the juice, turn on your electric juicer and set a large cup or pitcher under the spout.

Step 4

Gradually add each orange chunk, using a pusher to press the fruit through the juicer’s shoot.

Step 5

Store it in the refrigerator or consume your orange juice right away.


You don’t have to peel your oranges before juicing them if you use a citrus juicer. But  You’ll need to skin your oranges before juicing them if you’re using a different sort of juicers, such as a masticating or centrifugal juicer. The peel has a bitter taste and carries oils that might cause stomach problems.

Vegetable Smoothie Recipes

I have a Breville juicer that is in the middle of the price range. It’s not top-of-the-line, but it’s more than adequate for my purposes. I experimented with Breville juicer recipes for weight loss, and I’m quite happy with it.

How To Use a Citrus Juicer For Extracting Orange Juice

Electric citrus juicers are ideal for making large volumes of lemonade or freshly squeezed orange juice. Great ones will extract the most juice faster than what you can get by hands and sift out the pulp and seeds efficiently.

best citrus juicer

Here is the method of making orange juice with a citrus juicer. It tastes better than a blender or juicer extracted juice.

Step 1

For softening the oranges, roll them on the countertop or tabletop with the palms of your hand.

Step 2

Remove the seeds from the orange by slicing them in half. Use navel oranges if you wish to avoid seeds.

Step 3

Squeeze one of the orange halves by hand, using a simple juicer to extract as much juice as possible.

Step 4

If you’re using a manual juicer, remove the orange pulp with a spoon and add the pulp straight to the juice. Pour the liquid through a sieve before sipping if you like clearer juice.

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For more taste, add a dash of black salt or sugar. Some oranges are already ripe and sweet.

Orange Juice Recipes For Kids

Like other citrus fruits, oranges are acidic, and if introduced too early, babies may develop nappy rashes or blisters all around the mouth. As a result, the standard suggestion for introducing oranges is between 10 and 12 months; however, if your baby is allergic to acidic foods, it is always best to wait unless he or she is one!

best orange juice for kids

You can serve Orange juice or mashed oranges purée after removing the seeds as an introduction. When serving oranges as finger food to children under four, it is very important for you that you chop them into bite-size chunks to avoid strangling!

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Frequently Asked Questions ( FAQs )

Is fresh-squeezed orange juice good for you?

Orange juice is an antioxidant-rich drink that also contains nutrients like vitamin C, folate, and potassium. Frequent use provides a variety of health advantages, such as enhanced cardiovascular health, lower cholesterol, and a lower chance of kidney stones.

Is fresh-squeezed orange juice better than store-bought?

Absolutely! freshly squeezed homemade orange is much better than store-bought orange juice.


Consuming orange juice is a very healthy practice, and you should drink it often. It’s also a good source of potassium, which helps to control hypertension, reduce bone loss, and protect from cardiovascular diseases. Orange juice is abundant in vitamin C, folate, and potassium, among other essential components.

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