How to Juice Without A Juicer? Easy Fruits and Vegetable Juicing

Have you ever asked yourself this question, ‘how to juice without a juicer?’  I have asked myself many times for the answer to this question. This is what lead me to find some amazing solutions if you do not have a juicer or a budget to buy one.

How to juice without a juicer

But before I jump up to those solutions, let me sing some praises of juicing.

Juicing is a nutritious approach to ensure that you get a sufficient amount of fruits and vegetables in your diet. Meanwhile, also receiving all of the health benefits in one glass of drink. Juicing is very useful if you don’t like to eat your fruit straight.

Whether you need juice for health purposes or would like to begin your day with freshly made citrus juice or any other juice, you don’t always need a juicer to do so. In this article, we will tell you about how to juice without a juicer.

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Perhaps you’ve considered buying a juicer and are unsure if the cleaning and reduced kitchen area are worthwhile. So, before you invest, check out this old classic method of making juice with items you already have in your kitchen.

What do you need to Juice Fruits and Vegetables if not using a Juicer

A blender, a spoon, a fine strainer, and a bowl, preferably one that your sieve fits neatly on top of, are all required. However, the technique for preparing juice without a juicer is quite simple and easy – through a little messy – and the outcome is well worth the additional effort.

The next step is to choose what you like and to juice. It’s important to remember that this is not the time to master an apple, carrot, and ginger combination. Your blender isn’t ready to be able to handle the task.

fruits and vegetable juicer

The most important thing to bear in mind when selecting a flavor is to strike a balance between savory and sweet. For instance, if you’re using kale, add mango or pineapple to balance it out. So your juice doesn’t get too bitter.

Add apples to the mix if you’re using beetroot and carrot to keep it mild delicious, and sweet. You can create your juice before time. Please keep it in glass containers in the refrigerator. But the taste is best when it’s fresh.

How to Juice Without a Juicer

Starting to juice without a juicer Everything you need now is a filter and a blender. It functions ideally in a high-powered blender, but I’ve had some great results with my old less-powerful blender, too though.

This is because you put your veggies and or fruits in a blender with just a little water, blend it up, drain out the pulp, and you’re left with good homemade juice.

how to juicer without a juicer

When separating the pulp, the procedure can become a little messy, but it’s generally quick and straightforward, and the outcomes are fantastic. Even with the addition of water, you can’t see a massive difference between juices prepared this way in a blender and juice prepared with a masticating juicer.

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How to do a Juice Cleanse Without a Juicer?

Celery juice is the best source of cleansing the body. In less than a week, drinking 16 ounces of organic celery juice can improve your overall health and digestive system.


It can help with acidity, blood purification, indigestion, headache prevention, nerve relaxation, hypertension reduction, and skin disorders.

How to juice celery without a juicer?

You might be thinking, how can you make celery juice without a juicer. Don’t worry, here you go with the

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I love to make every morning. Put the celery into a blender, pour some water, and process until a juice-like solution is obtained.

celery juicer without juicer

You may drink it straight from the container or strain it through muslin or a nut milk bag to separate the pieces and make a more regular juice. Using a green juice blender for juicing is a good option.

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How to make green juice without a juicer?

The sun is shining brightly, and summer has arrived. So I’m going green by making green juice with a blender and using kale,  green apples, cilantro, cucumber, celery, ginger, and a squeeze of fresh lime juice.

This glass of green juice sounds so refreshing to me. Does that sound energize to you too?

green juicer without juicer

When making juice blends, choose a vegetable that works well together. This will make your juice more flavorful and coherent, and it may even fool somebody into believing you’re an expert in making vegetable juice without a blender.

Considering your preferences, you can add additional components like kale and ginger to just match any combination.

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Juicing fruits without a juicer

Juicing fruits without a juicer is also a matter of seconds when you make the right combination. For example, juicing strawberries, blueberries, or pineapple without a juicer is a breeze.

You can also create an orange juice without a juicer by simply removing the orange peel, putting its section in the blender, and then strain it to get the ideal citrus juice.

Why Can you Use a Blender Instead of A Juicer?

Utilizing a blender to make juice takes longer than using a juicer. A standard blender may transform fruits and vegetables into liquid. However, this result will be denser than using a juicer for cleanse.

Juicy fruits and vegetables, such as tomatoes, cucumbers, carrots, pears, peaches, and melons, as well as easy-to-chop vegetables like kale, beet, and chard, are ideal for this.

The juice you make in the blender is full of fibre. Fruits and vegetables like watermelon, pineapple, beetroot, apples, pears, etc.. are rich in fibre.  If you juice with a blender, the thick liquid that results will keep some of the fibre and minerals until you drain it out.

This fibre-rich beverage will make you feel fuller while also aiding digestion.

Advantages of Blending

There will be no wastage.

A blender will blend whatever you put into it; there will be no fibrous pulp to discard at the bottom. If you’re concerned about ‘wastage’ while using a slow juicer, a blender could be a better option.

Helps indigestion

The fibres in the juice from the blender helps indigestion. It promotes regular elimination and removes toxins from your body.

Pocket friendly

Most blenders are pocket-friendly. This means they are under your budget, and everyone can easily afford a blender because they often come under 100$. So opting for a blender instead of a juicer is a wise decision.

How to Juice a Pineapple Without a Juicer

Natural pineapple juice is far superior to canned pineapple juice. Even the thing that isn’t created from concentrates can’t compare to the product that is prepared from home.

This bright, delightfully sweet handmade pineapple juice is fantastic for drinking straight or blending into drinks. It also takes only around 10 minutes to prepare and costs roughly the same as the commercial juice.

pineapple juicer without juicer

If you are making homemade pineapple juice, just peel and cut cubes of pineapple and add in the blender. Pour a sufficient amount of water and blend. your pineapple juice is ready. Drink as you like strain it or drink it as is it totally depends on your taste.

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A blender can blend practically any type of food. For example, blenders are ideal for creating fruit and vegetable smoothies. You can also put frozen fruit in the blender because their sharp blades efficiently convert the contents into a tasty drink.

You can even make hard fruit such as pomegranate juice without a juicer in the blender. They preserve all of the fibre in the contents, assisting the digestive system and preventing constipation.

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A jug blender is a fantastic alternative if you plan to create smoothies or juices in large quantities. It’s suitable for everyday usage in the kitchen and big enough to hold additional ingredients.

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Blenders operate at extremely high speeds, with blades rotating at thousands of rotations per minute. Most contemporary blenders have speeds ranging from 20,000 to 29,000 pm, allowing them to blend even the most difficult ingredients quickly.

High speeds also lead to a shorter mixing time, which saves you a lot of time.

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