What To Do With Juicer Pulp? 8 Amazing Recipes for Juicing Leftovers

Juicing is an excellent approach to increase your nutritional intake. You make your fresh juice every morning, feeling good about what you’re feeding your body. However, there is one flaw. You can’t help but feel guilty about the rest of the pulp going to be wasted when you throw it away. You might be wondering what to do with juicer pulp?

What To Do With Juicer Pulp


You don’t have to worry; there are also plenty of innovative ways to use that pulp. That colorful pulp is jam-packed with nutrients! You can’t drink it. However, that doesn’t suggest you can’t include it in your meals.

Fresh fruit is stored in the pulp. People generally remove the pulp from fruit juice by straining it out. Based on the species and stage of ripeness, the pulp color can vary. It is usually the same color as the fruit’s peel.

What to do with the leftovers from juicing? It is one of the most fundamental problems people have regarding juicing.

Read the rest if you’re looking for unique methods to utilize your leftover juice pulp.

What To Do With Juicer Pulp? 

Fresh juice is commonly seen as a nutritious drink, yet we often overlook fiber loss when juicing. Some of the most powerful juicing machines can’t extract every nutrient and mineral; some are left in the pulp.

Juicing Leftovers

Furthermore, the extract contains all of the fiber necessary for blood sugar regulation, weight maintenance, and overall wellness.  Although recycling is an obvious choice, people in my circle frequently ask whether there are any other possibilities for repurposing juice pulp.

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Recipes for Juicing Leftovers

Fortunately, we’ve come across a lot of unique recipes and ways throughout the years.

1 – Vegetable Soup Broth

This is your opportunity to make your broth if you’ve never done it before. We enjoy producing our homemade broth throughout the year, and our juice pulp plays an essential part!

vegetable soup

You may use both frozen or fresh pulp; ensure it has thaw before preparing. We enjoy preparing our veggie broth since the pulp offers a unique flavor and additional health advantages.

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This homemade broth is delicious for itself or as a base for some of your favorite soups and sauces. Veggie pulp, water, salt, pepper, and your chosen spices are all you’ll need.

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2 – Pulp-Sicles

The procedure is just as brilliant as the name. Just mix the leftover pulp with a small amount of juice.

This will enhance the flavors of the vegetables and fruits that come through once the pulp is iced. And freeze in popsicle molds or an ice tray. Put a wooden stick in the middle and freeze for at least 4 hours, or until perfectly hard.

3 – Dips and Spreads

If you’re making a basic fresh hummus with chickpeas, tahini, olive oil, and seasonings in the processor, put in some leftover pulp as well. Combine the pulp with sour cream, Greek yogurt, or cream to make a nutritional spread for waffles, sandwiches, and crackers.

Dips and Spreads

4 – Veggie Pulp Crackers

We agree that juice pulp crackers don’t appear to be particularly appealing at first. Still, these vegetarian and gluten-free appetizers are sure to be a success during your next gathering.

Veggie Pulp Crackers

They’re tough and can bear scooping hummus, pesto, or spinach dips into them. This is a great pick-up snack for anyone with food intolerances, gluten intolerance, or who wants a healthy breakfast.

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5 – Fritters or Patties

Make your next homemade patties or cakes with a generous amount of pulp. Carrot, beetroot, potato, cabbage, or cucumbers pulp offer an authentic feel to the burgers while also helping them maintain their shape. They also provide a multitude of nutrients to your vegetarian meal.

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6 – Add-in Baking Items

Additional moisture and fiber could be added to instant loaves, muffins, cakes, and even cookies. It’s usually best to use the pulp from more affluent, slightly sweeter juicing items like plums, citrus, beetroot, carrot, cantaloupe, and berries for this use. You can also make juicer pulp bread with them.

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7 – Smoothies

If you add the leftover juicer pulp to smoothies, you’ll get an extra boost of nutrients and fiber! The pulp will also thicken your smoothies, giving them a delightful milkshake-like texture.

You might be thinking about what to do with the leftover smoothies? You can make popsicles, pudding mixes, and you can also make baking goods with them.

smoothies recipe

Isn’t it true that one of the most enjoyable aspects of juicing is getting creative? Have fun experimenting with different combos to see which one you prefer – you could discover your new favorite recipes!

8 – Fruity Leather with Juicer Pulp

While we were youngsters, fruit leather was among our favorite sweet snacks. You can use fresh fruit pulp to make fruity leather. Here’s how to do it:

  • Use wax paper to cover a baking pan.
  • Please ensure your fruit pulp is uniformly pressed and laid to ensure that it sets evenly.
  • Place it for 12-14 hours in a dryer or on the lowest setting of your oven (ideally about 115 degrees).
  • Now cut and enjoy the childhood treat!

For a more delicate smoothness and richer taste, combine the fruit pulp with lime juice and sweetener according to the sweetness of your fruit’s pulp.

Fruity Leather with Juicer Pulp

You can eat the pulp left over after juicing carrots to prevent wasting fiber, albeit it isn’t enjoyable. There are multiple carrot pulp recipes. However, it is better to use pulp in muffins or carrot cake recipes.

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Improve the Quality of Your Vegetable Garden  By adding orange juicer pulp to your compost heap. You may improve your garden topsoil with vital nutrients. This soil will aid in the development of healthy, high-yielding plants.

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My Verdict –What To Do With Juicer Pulp? 

Juicing at home involves a time commitment, work, and effort, so you should, at the very least, try to get as much value for your money. It would imply that you don’t throw away any parts of the fruit or veg that you can juice otherwise.

Leave the peels on apples, carrots, and cucumber, but it also entails creating a purpose for the pulp.

Indeed, it’s a little unappealing, though if you’re having to the effort of cleaning, washing, and drying a Slow juicer, not to mention purchasing a bunch of fresh vegetables, you should get the most out of your effort and cost.

Think about putting all that fibers, colorful pulp to better use in one of the simple ways above before tossing it down the garbage bin.

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